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What Can I expect ?


Everyone’s growth journey is different. Some people see gains in days of using our products, others see little difference in a few months using The Core. It usually takes 1-2 months to see some improvement and the most dramatic improvements happen from 6 months onwards. Your growth journey isn’t a race but we do recommend using our products for at least 90 days and if you don’t see results you can get your money back.

Please make sure you’ve bought the right products for your condition and email us or take our quiz to find the right routine for you!

Key Ingredients

Growth is not an option!
Ingredients get results. That's why we source high quality
100% vegan and plant derived ingredients with performance and results in mind.

rosemary oil

A legendary ingredient that has been researched to be as effective for hair loss and hair growth as Minoxidil but without any of the nasty side effects. It has also been found to improve nerve circulation and repair damaged nerve activity which helps to awaken damaged or dormant follicles to encourage growth.

rose petal water

Helps to reduce hair loss, promotes growth and conditions the strands to reduce tangles

peppermint essential oil 

Leaves a little tingle on the scalp, stimulating blood flow to the scalp and skin and helps to fight hair loss.

eucalyptus essential oil 

Stimulates the scalp, fights dandruff, and improves hair elasticity to enable growth and overall hair health.

pumpkin seed oil

This oil is scientifically proven to naturally block DHT (a hormone which causes rapid hair loss) and works to minimise hair shedding using the growth stages of the hair cycle.

apricot kernal oil 

Contains oleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid and a wonderful emollient that makes hair and scalp softer and more pliable. It not only seals in the moisture, but it also absorbs small amounts of water from the air’s humidity to help maintain a barrier of hydration inside the strand and scalp. Apricot seed oil leaves hair soft, shiny, and keeps the strands well-nourished and moisturized.

shea butter 

Softens dry, brittle hair, helps to moisturise and protect the strands. Shea butter is also great for repairing damaged ends.

panax ginseng

An adaptogenic herb which helps to calm down inflammation which has been found by research to be effective for alopecia areata in stimulating hair regrowth and tackling hair loss.

indigo extract 

An ayurvedic herb which is known to increase thickness, help manage the strands, improve hair growth and treat baldness.

gotu kola

This ayurvedic herb that’s popular due to being known for increasing hair length and stimulating hair growth.


what results can i expect and when? 

This four item bundle is the center of your day-to-day hair care routine. The products in this bundle are designed to hydrate strands, help repair weakened and damaged areas whilst boosting growth, volume and thickness and also calming and balancing an irritated/dry scalp and can be used on both hair & beards.

how does it work?


Just like plants your hair needs water to grow! Drizzle contains ingredients which hydrates the scalp, strands and skin and stimulates regrowth and encourages new cell turnover & stimulates hair & beard growth by increasing blood circulation and nerve regeneration. Drizzle is simply a source of daily hydration (boosts growth)


Straight from nature to your strands, this fusion of herbs, butters and oils strengthens the hair, boosts thickness/volume, encourages growth and protects your strands from severe breakage and shedding.


Inches seals in hydration, moisture and helps to repair damaged and dormant follicles, strands and aids in supercharging growth (even growth that might have been stunted for a while) with clinically proven natural ingredients like Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil & Amla extract.


All growth starts at the Roots. This light oil-based serum is formulated to soothe irritation and inflammation at the scalp, whilst simultaneously helping to loosen and lift any flakes/dandruff rebalancing your scalp and creating the perfect foundation for healthy growth.


how do i use the core? 

This is a multi-use product. It can be used daily or weekly! Can be used for hair or beard growth, hot oil treatment, scalp & beard massages, seal in moisture & pre-wash treatment

LCO ( Cream, Oil) Method (thick hair, curly hair & coily hair)

Step 1. Spray Drizzle onto your strands and massage it in.

Step 2. Take a small amount of Soil, rub it into your hands and coat your strands before detangling.

Step 3. Seal in the moisture with Inches and massage that into your scalp & strands. For best results, do this routine daily (3-4 times a week minimum)

LCO (Cream, Oil) Method for Beard Growth

Step 1. Spray Drizzle into your beard and massage it in.

Step 2. Take a small amount of Soil, rub it into your hands and coat your beard before brushing/combing.

Step 3. Seal in the moisture with Inches and massage that into your beard & strands. For best results, do this routine daily

Scalp massage (Inches or Roots) every other night

Always apply to damp hair. Dispense a few drops at a time, either into clean hands before applying or directly onto the scalp using the pipette. Use fingertips to gently massage oil into the scalp and strands.

Hot oil treatment (Inches or Roots) 1-2 week

Use the double-boiling method to warm up a fair amount of oil. Apply generously to the scalp and strands before leaving to sit for 30 minutes. After 30mins gently rinse inches out with warm water before shampooing your hair.

Overnight Mask (for straight & wavy hair)

Step 1. Saturate your hair with Drizzle focusing on your scalp and strands.

Step 2. Coat your strands in Soil especially on your ends and your edges.

Step 3. Massage Inches into your scalp and strands.

Wrap your hair until the morning of your wash day and cleanse the treatment out. Repeat before every washday!

how often do i use the core 

You can use The Core everyday. Those with straight/wavy hair types may find Soil too ‘heavy’ so may choose to use it less often.

can i use the core after a big chop?

Yes you can! It's a great system to use when you've cut your hair. It's not necessary to cut your hair before use but it's great for hair regrowth!

does the core have any side effects? 

The Core has been safety tested and approved by our cosmetic science team. There were no known allergens found however if you are naturally allergic to any of the ingredients please do not buy or discontinue use if you have a reaction and email


how long does the core last? 

With consistent use this kit can last 2-3 months - however we do encourage daily use of these products  

can i combine it with minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a harsh chemical treatment that can come with adverse side effects. The Core is a four-step system that’s naturally powered by clinically proven plant based ingredients. You can combine the two at your own risk but we don’t recommend it.

does it work for hair loss? 

Yes! This is our most complete hair system. You’ll feel great after the first few uses but we recommend 3-6 months of consistent use before you start expecting major progress.

do i have to be dealing with hair loss to use the products? 

No! The Core is just as much for maintenance and volume as well as growth and fighting hair loss.

does it work for beards? 

Yes, especially for existing/starter beards which may be dry and lack volume.

do i need to continue using the core to maintain my results? 

Yes and No. While there are no direct consequences or side effects if you stop using our products, The Core is designed to help your hair and scalp become as healthy as possible. This means, if you stop using the product and don’t continue taking care of yourself, the condition of your hair/ beard and scalp may deteriorate which could indirectly contribute to negative results.

What's the shelf life of these products? 

Inches - 12 months

Soil - 12 months

Drizzle - 6 months

Roots - 6 months


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