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Our Step by Step Guide on our Treatments

Daily Use
Step 1.
 First spray drizzle to hydrate your hair/beard
Step 2.
Massage inches onto scalp, strands & beard to seal in the moisture
Scalp massage (Inches) every other night
Always apply to damp hair. Dispense a few drops at a time, either into clean hands before applying or directly onto the scalp using the pipette. Use fingertips to gently massage oil into the scalp and strands.
Hot oil treatment (Inches) 1-2 week
Use the double-boiling method to warm up a fair amount of inches. Apply generously to the scalp and strands before leaving to sit for 30 minutes. After 30mins gently rinse inches out with warm water before shampooing your hair.
Overnight treatment (for straight & wavy hair)
Step 1.
 Saturate your hair in Drizzle focusing on your scalp and strands.
Step 2.
Massage Inches into your scalp and strands. Wrap your hair until the morning of your wash day and cleanse the treatment out. Repeat before every washday!

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