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122,000+ happy customers

9 Reasons Why Kai Washday Duo Is 2024's Top Hair Care Choice

Plantmade’s Kai shampoo & conditioner bars are redefining the hair wash routine for thousands of men & women all around the world. These bars are uniquely formulated with a blend of clinically proven, plant-based ingredients to cleanse, nourish, and repair your hair — without any chemicals, sulfates, or filler ingredients.

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Why Kai washday duo

1. Rated 4.8/5 Stars From 120,000+ Happy Plantmade Customers

Men & women of all ages and hair types are loving the KAI - Washday Duo. As a plant-based and eco-friendly hair care solution, thousands of people are switching to it and adding it to their hair wash routine.

Don’t just take our word for it, see the visible results yourself!

Natural safe

2. Natural, Safe, and Science-Backed Ingredients

Unlike liquid shampoos that are filled with 80% water and harsh chemicals, Kai is made with 100% natural and safe ingredients that are clinically proven to get results without damaging your hair or scalp.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to stronger, fuller, healthier hair!

3. Washes Away Dirt, Buildups, And Dandruff

The shampoo bar is a powerful clarifier made to detox, cleanse, and renew your scalp and skin. It gets rid of dirt, product buildup, and dandruff without leaving your hair feeling stripped. Activated with water, the shampoo bar lathers in seconds and leaves a natural earthy fragrance behind.

Washes away dirt

4. Experience Cloud-Like Softness

Made with your needs in mind, the deep-conditioning bar moisturizes and strengthens your hair from the core. It injects much-needed moisture back into the hair and gives new life to weak strands… leaving your hair feeling cloud-like soft, tangle-free, and manageable than ever.

5. No More Shedding And Breakage

Kai is formulated with the help of cosmetic scientists who picked the proven ingredients to address hair concerns faced by many men and women.

Countless customers have noticed less shedding, breakage, and hair fall in only 3 weeks. 

No more Shedding
Boost hair

6. Boosts Hair And Beard Growth 

Say goodbye to hair loss and patches. Kai is scientifically proven to promote hair and beard growth in just a few weeks.

With consistent use, it has done wonders for 120,000+ people in their growth journey.

7. A Sustainable Addition To Your Hair Care Routine 

Join the eco-friendly revolution with Kai bars – our answer to the 1.7 million tonnes of plastic waste from traditional shampoo and conditioner bottles. Made without chemicals or plastics, Kai not only nurtures your hair but the planet too!

Impact on environment
see amazing result

8. See The Amazing Results Yourself

91.7% of customers reported less hair shedding

94.5% of customers noticed a huge improvement in hair health

84.0% of customers said it has helped in hair growth

*Statistics collected from post purchase surveys.

9. Comes With A 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Most of our customers love their hair transformation with Kai. If you don’t get exciting results after consistent use… don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Simply let us know within 90 days and we will happily give you all your money back.

90 Day Satisfaction

120,000+ happy customers

Kai - Washday Duo

Meet Kai - Rain and Dew are the perfect and fastest wash day duo! Just activate the bars with water and detox, clarify, condition, and nourish your hair/beard for stronger, healthier strands.



Save 17%



Save 15%

Wash away dirt, dandruff, and build up 

Experience cloud-like softness

Boost hair & beard growth

Reduce shedding and breakage 

Safe for all ages and hair types

Why we made Kai?

80% of liquid shampoo and conditioners are only water, filled with harsh chemicals and filler ingredients that leave your hair dry & brittle with zero results. 

After 6 months of research and formulation with cosmetic scientists, we have created a natural solution that is both effective and safe for you and the environment. Say goodbye to chemical-laden products and hello to natural, healthy hair growth! 

Plant Power

100% Plantmade

90 Day Risk Free

Cruelty Free

Chemical Free

Sience-Backed Ingredients