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Male patterned hair loss has traditionally been seen as genetic and up to 80% of men are predicted to experience noticeable hair loss by age 50 alone. However, that’s not true for all cases. Since the pandemic we’ve noticeable a crazy amount of men in their late teens and 20’s loose their hair earlier than expected. The best thing to do when you start to notice hair loss is act fast and get ahead before its too late! 

 4 Major Reasons For Male Hair Loss

  •  Genetics 
  • Age
  • Hormones 
  • Chronic Stress 

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Origin is more than a Hair Growth Kit! It tackles 6 major hair issues: 

Boost & maximise hair growth potential

Reduces shedding & breakage

Increase thickness & fullness of your hair

Repair damage to follicles and strands

Strengthen weak, brittle hair

Tackle dry, brittle hair so your hair is moisturised for longer

To truly fight hair loss you need to be looking at three things, to block DHT, repair damage & increase blood flow. 

Our products are made with clinically proven ingredients to not only boost hair growth & volume but also to repair damaged strands, awaken dormant follicles and reduce hair loss. 
Even better, Inches is 100% handmade, vegan and non-toxic and can be used not only for hair growth but for beard growth too!

Rosemary Oil

Clinically proven to be just as a effective as 2% minoxidil and helps to repair damaged follicles to stimulate new hair growth


Adaptogenic herb which helps to calm down inflammation which has been found by research to be effective for alopecia areata in stimulating hair regrowth and fighting hair loss.

Amla Oil

An ancient ayurvedic herb from Southern Asia which has been used to tackle hair loss, boost hair growth and increase hair thickness for centuries

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Natural DHT blocker to reduce rapid hair loss

Our Hair Growth Kit Has Helped Men With All conditions 

More Incredible Results

These are results from our customers being consistent with our Origin kit for at least 3-6 months. 

Origin Is Only 3 Easy Steps




90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t see results using our products in 90 days we’ll issue a full refund to you! 



90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Wash & Growth Bundle


90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


The Grow Pro consists of 540 high strength medical grade titanium needles (0.5mm)

🚀 Boost blood flow and circulation to the scalp

🔌Reactivate damaged and dormant follicles 

🌳Encourages new & fuller hairs 


P.S our products work on beards too !