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Money-Back Guarantee

Contrary to popular belief, our products aren’t actually magic. 


So, although most of our customers see exciting results, we can’t guarantee this will be the case for everyone. Some might see results after a couple weeks, some take longer to notice any changes and occasionally some people don’t see much at all . We can’t promise results but we can say that you should see improvements after at least 90 days of consistent and correct use. 

If you still see no results after more than 90 days of consistent use we will give you your money back - no questions asked (well… maybe a couple).

Here are the 3 things we will need to confirm your refund. 


1. We will need you to submit your before and after pictures - Please include time/date stamps so we can verify the timelines                                                 

We recommend that you take a before picture immediately after receiving your order.                                                                                                 

Send it as an email attachment to: 

2. After at least 90 days, take another image making sure date and time/stamps are visible.

Send it as an email attachment to:

3. We will need evidence that you’ve followed our instructions correctly for the entire period so we will ask you a few questions regarding your use of the products (how, how often and where you applied the products).


So please follow instructions carefully and ask if you need anything clarified; we are here to help :)




We're so confident you'll love and see results from our products that if you haven't seen any results in 90 days, we will offer you a full refund.


1. Take before and after results and send it in.

2.Use our products for about 90 days

3. Fill out our form