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5 Causes of Hair Loss

Did you know 
50% of women and 80% of men will experience some form of hairloss within their lifetime ?

That's a lot of lost strands ... Hair Loss is no joke and can cause serious effects on your mental health and self-esteem.

Knowing the early signs of hair loss might save you the hassle and stress of hair fall.

Here are 5 Causes of Hair Loss

1. Harmful Ingredients

Some drug store products contain cheaper filler ingredients
which contain ingredients like DMDM which are known to cause hair loss. Please be alert and read the ingredients in the products you use so you don't find yourself losing precious hair growth.

2. Stress

Prolonged stress untreated can increase cause a pause in your hair growth cycle causing premature breakage and overtime this can be extremely noticeable if undealt with.

3. Genetics

Some people are destined to lose their hair due to genetics (however that doesn't mean you can't prevent it).

4. Medication

Some medications have several side effects including an increase of hair fall which is a shame because that's out of your control.

5. Bad Practices

Tight hairstyles, sleeping with cotton pillows, tight hairstyles, sleeping with cotton pillows, using cotton towel or not having a hair growth and maintenance routine in place can cause breakage overtime.


We've use plant power, scientifically proven ingredients and ancient secrets to create products which help combat hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth...
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