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Our products are made and packaged with renewable and recylable resources


Made by hand in small batches to ensure quality for you


All our products are made with all genders in mind

100% Plantmade

All the ingredients we use are vegan and derived from the earth

Over 48,000 Happy Customers & Over 800 4.7 STAR Reviews & counting.

"Plantmade hair care products are in such high demand that they do product drops like a Beyoncé album, so make sure you have your notifications on."

"The ingredients list in Plantmade’s hair growth products never fails to impress. Head to the brand’s Instagram page and you’ll see countless before-and-after images of those who have used the hair growth products and seen results – fast."

50% of women & 80% of men suffer form hairloss in their lifetime 🤯.

Growth is no longer an option - we're here to change that with plant power!

The Plantmade Effect - Real Customer Results

"I used to have so many big patches in my beard so I started using Plantmade in April 2021 and the results since then have been immense!"
Treatment used - ORIGIN (our bestseller)
It’s been 5 months of using Inches and I’m glad my alopecia has pretty much recovered. I use Inches consistently every day as well as the double boiling method and derma rolling. I’m so pleased with the results 🙏🏼



Treatment used - Inches - Hair & Beard Oil & Derma Roller

I LOVE THIS BRAND SO MUCH✨ Roots after ONE use, it arrived yesterday and here are the results today.
Treament used - ROOTS
"Love my results never thought my hair would come back but it's came back amazing! So thick😜 Roots and Inches worked for me love these products 💖 It's amazing I'm so happy it took 2 months and 1 bottle of Roots and 1 bottle of Inches i used them both together 3/4 times a week it's amazing! Magic in a bottle 💞 "
Treatment used - GENESIS
"Just wanted to share my results. I’m still in shock. I lost my edges on the right side since I was 8 years old due to an accident. Tried everything and was told the only option was a hair transplant. Due to this, I always tried styles to hide this side of my hair which left my edges on the left side severely damaged till I found your products. That’s what 3 weeks using it day and night did to my edges. I can’t wait for what’s next. I finally got my confidence back."
Treatment used - NATIVE

Is Plantmade Baby friendly?

Plantamde is baby friendly and is also suitable for expecting mothers

Who's is Plantmade made for?

Everyone! Plantmade is a genderless brand, we create products for both men & women of all ages and background.

Who Can I speak to ?

Email us at for any questions or queries