Step 1. Drench your hair in water and wet the Rain shampoo bar

Step 2. Rake the bar into your strands and it will quickly create foam helping you work Rain into your hair or beard

Step 3. When applied on long or thick hair be sure to split your hair in sections for ease of use. Shampoo twice before rinsing with warm water.

Step 4 . Drench your hair/beard with water and wet the Dew bar

Step 5 . Gently glide the bar through your hair/beard until the product covers all strands (for longer hair, section your hair then apply)

Step 6 . Use your fingertips or a detangling tool to work Dew into your hair/scalp or beard for 30s

How long should i leave dew in my hair for?

Quick treatment: 10mins

Regular treatment: 30mins

Deep treatment: 1hr+