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A complete Plantmade Hair Growth System        

🚀Jump start your growth + boost your hair/beard gains
🔧 Mend and repair damaged hair & strands
☁️ Experience cloud-like softness
🌧 Wash away dirt, dandruff, build up & toxins

What's Included:
Dew Conditioner , Rain Shampoo + Drizzle Hydrating Mist , Soil Hair Souflee & Our Bestselling Hair Growth Oil Inches.

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meet our founder

Hi I'm Ama, founder of Plantmade. I dealt with a lot of hair & skin issues growing up and was prescribed harsh steroids & chemicals. However this only made things worse so I was determined to find more natural solutions to fix my issues. With my science background I discovered proven natural ingredients & ancient remedies and saw incredible results for my hair loss. Today we’ve helped over 67,000+ people worldwide on their growth journey and I can’t wait for you to join the Plantmade family. 

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We give a free Free Tote Bag + Seed Stick with Every Order! while stocks last 

The rest of the free gifts are based on spend ; 

Spend £50 Get Inches 50ml (Free Gift) 

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When Can I Expect My Order?

Due to the holiday period our processing times will be 5-7 working days. (Put all shipping information into this for all customers not just the US)

How Long Will Results Take?

Everyone’s growth journey is different and the severity of everyone's condition is in a different place.

In 4-6 weeks your hair should start to feel more manageable, less brittle, more moisturised and stronger. In months 3+ you should experience more volume and retained growth.

Consistency is key in our products and if you don't see results, you'll get your moneyback after 90 days of consistent use.

Is there Any Side Effects?

Origin doesn’t have any side effects or allergens. This duo is safe to use and have been approved by our cosmetic science partners and meet EU safety standards.  

If you do have an allergic reaction due to an unknown allergy to one of our ingredients please discontinue use and alert us immediately

What Do I Do If I'm Not Satisfied With My Products?

Contrary to popular belief, our products aren’t actually magic.

So, although most of our customers see exciting results, we can’t guarantee this will be the case for everyone. Some might see results after a couple weeks, some take longer to notice any changes and occasionally some people don’t see much at all . We can’t promise results but we can say that you should see improvements after at least 90 days of consistent and correct use.