About Us

Hey, It’s Ama here and I’m the founder of Plantmade

This brand happened by accident but in the most beautiful way.

I was literally making plant-powered solutions for myself using centuries-old wellness practices derived from Asia and Africa, a few friends and family members wanted to get in on it, saw results and now we are here. 

We truly believe the earth can heal us, strengthen us, and allow us to grow into the greatest versions of ourselves. 

But today, wellness is filled with many hidden chemicals, toxins and synthetic ingredients packed into our haircare, skincare, protein shakes & more. 

We’ve had enough!

I don’t want any harmful ingredients anywhere near by mind, body & soul and I’m sure you don’t too. 

It’s time to start taking of ourself with 100% natural, vegan and planted products! 

We exist to give you nature’s finest solutions to hair growth, skincare, body care, nutrition and everything in-between made with our hands & lots of love.

Because our products do not stay in stock for long, grab what you like as soon as you see it.

Be Plantmade and reap the abundance nature has to offer. 

Your founder & friend,