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What does the Kai ulimate bundle do?

This 3-step routine aims to cleanse, clarify and renew the scalp with Rain our Growth Shampoo Bar and condition, strengthen and boost volume with Dew our strengthening, moistursing and nourshing conditioning bar. Strengthening comes with our protein treatment Vine and Sand is our exfoliating sugar scrub to buff the skin and create balance



This sugar exfoliating scrub helps to buff the skin, create balance, get rid of toxins, dandruff and dirt on the scalp/beard and helps to promote growth.


This shampoo bar is a gentle yet powerful clarifier made to detox, cleanse and renew the scalp and skin so you can get rid of toxins, product build up and dandruff without leaving your hair feeling stripped. It’s packed with DHT blocking ingredients and nutrient dense ingredients like Moringa, Matcha Green Tea, Rhassoul Clay & Argan Oil. It’s made to grow your hair too! Just add water and it will lather so fast… a little also goes a long way, be sure to store it in a dry place to ensure it lasts 25 washes.


This long-lasting conditioning bar is both moisturising and strengthening treatment. Great for deep conditioning, injecting much needed moisture back into the strands with Avocado Butter, Babassu Oil. It also helps to rebuild weak, brittle strands and help your strands retain moisture foe longer with Wheat Protein, Pro Vitamin B5 & Vegetable Glycerin to encourage maximum volume and growth. This will have your strands feeling so soft, tangle-free and thicker.


This is a strengthening treatment to be used twice a month! It helps to build the strands, strengthen them and boost the health of the strands to promote more growth retention


How do I use the Kai ultimate wash day?

Step 1: Sand

Wet your scalp/beard and rub some sand into your scalp and skin.

Step 2: Rain

Drench your hair in water and wet the shampoo bar. Rake the bar into your strands and it will quickly create foam helping you work Rain into your hair or beard. When applied on long or thick hair be sure to split your hair in sections for ease of use. Shampoo twice before rinsing with warm water.


Drench your hair/beard with water and wet the bar. Gently glide the bar through your hair/beard until the product covers all strands (for longer hair, section your hair then apply)

Use your fingertips or our scalp & beard massager to work Dew into your hair/scalp or beard for 1 min! Wait the recommended amount of time* and then rinse hair, scalp & beard thoroughly

How long should I leave Dew/Vine in my hair/beard?

Quick treatment: 10mins

Regular treatment: 30mins

Deep treatment: 1hr+

Use Vine for a strengthening treatment and use Dew for a balanced treatment

Can I use Kai with the other bundles?

Yes! We encourage you to use this alongside your growth treatments so you can maximise your results. Growth lies in your routine and using the right products in a consistent routine is what will get you the results you’re looking for. 

how often should you use kai? 

At least once a week... the furthest between your wash days should be bi-weekly. Cleansing and conditioning your hair is incredible important to promote growth and health!


Are there any side effects or allergens?

This bundle is safe to use and have been approved by our cosmetic science partners and meet EU safety standards. If you do have an allergic reaction due to an unknown allergy to one of our ingredients please discontinue use and alert us immediately.


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